Treffgarne Gorge and Mountain

Paul wanted to visit this area which he passes regularly to visit his family.

I could say it all went well just to prove to the missing “Mr Navigator” that we can do without him, but honesty is the best policy!


The walk started well with coffee and cake in the Nant y Coy cafe. We then walked down the main road and crossed over the Western Cleddau and then the problem started. There were trees down all over the place and the no sign of the expected path and so we headed through the trees following our noses which we have realised are not the best guides.

Western Cleddau

An example of the problem

 Anyway we cut down to the river and eventually came out at the correct place. From then on no problems were encountered and we climbed up to Treffgarne Village and the weird outcrops.

Poll carn

Maiden Castle

Poll Carn

From the top of Great Treffgarne Mountain (somewhat over named) we had extensive 360 degree views of the countryside with the sun shining on the  Preseli Hills.

Preseli in the distance
Too much nitrogen?

Treffgarne Gorge

Same birthday as my better half apart from the year!

We finished the walk with a pot of tea for two back at the cafe. “The Navigator” will think I have gone soft but it was Paul’s fault.

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