Bosherton/Castle Martin Circular

I have a Sustrans leaflet describing a route alongside the Pembrokeshire Coast and it was an itch which needed to be scratched.


As the route crosses MOD land where tanks etc practice their art you have to check that they are not active on your chosen day.  Usually it is OK at weekends and holiday periods but check the website.

I parked the car in the National Trust car park in Bosherton and set off south on the lane which leads directly to the coast and the shared path west.

Bosherton Church

Who said mint sauce?

The track is stony and not suitable for road bikes but hybrids and mountain bikes are fine. Walkers of course can of course walk alongside the cliff edges.

There was a strong headwind and I hoped this would not change on the way back.  There were a number of cyclists on the route as well as walkers and a number of climbers heading for the cliffs.

I stopped to look at St Govans Chapel a small building built into the cliffs and also stopped to look at Huntsmans Leap and the Elegug Stacks.

Stackpole Head

Elegug Stacks

Elegug Stacks

At the end of the path near Flimston I headed inland and road the lanes to overlook Freshwater West Bay.

Church with flock

Freshwater West

It was here a long time ago I experienced a rip tide.  I had capsized my kayak and instead of being pushed ashore in the surf I found myself heading out to sea. Thankfully I was seen and towed back to safety. I soon learned what to look for and to swim horizontally to the current if it happened again.

Following lunch I headed east along quiet lanes back through Castle Martin, Warren, St Twynnels and back to Bosherton.

St Twynnels

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