What was planned for this Moday’s walk? was it The Yukon, Dawson City, Yellowknife?  No, none of these, but there used to be gold in the hills near Dolaucothi, the venue chosen by the Navigator.


We walked through the estate before joining the minor road which led down to Caio, which seemed to be shut!

 However on a nicely placed seat we had a coffee break but not before Mrs Navigator thought she saw a sheep stuck in the brambles but as she approached the sheep wandered off, as they do.

She would have done better to free the turkeys who were clearly being readied for later in the month.

We now headed off north easterly up into the woods and along Banc Bronffin and out onto the open countryside at Ffos y Nod. The views were disappointing at first owing to low cloud but they did start to open out as the sun battled its way through.

Our route led us to Rhyd ddu and along the ridge at Cefn Y Bryn and on downhill to Banc Llwynceiliog and onto the minor road beyond Glan Meddyg.

This minor road led back to the car at Dolaucothi

2 thoughts on “Dolaucothi

  1. I think that Caio, near to Doaucothi, is one of my favourite spots in all of Wales. Have you stayed in any of the bothy's a little north of here? The hostels at Dolgoch and Tyn Cornel are excellent, but the bothy's further north again are even better, if somewhat ultra basic.


  2. The countryside north of Caio is certainly lovely and where one can walk without seeing anyone – worth thinking of a wild camping trip. No doubt quite wet in large areas. Although I have used bothies in Scotland I haven`south of the border. I did visit the very small one at the foot of Arenig Fawr


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