Monday’s walk on 2nd December was to be based on Moylegrove and the local coast path.

The small village has a free car park, toilets and a board showing local walking routes.


We set off south west straight uphill on a minor road looking for the footpath down to the coast. The above route map does show a track to the farm but this is not on our older maps and we were a little taken aback to see a most unwelcome sign.

However our path was a little further on and led to the Witches Cauldron a huge collapsed cave. The tide was out which had trapped a large fish seen swimming around in the water below. When the tide is right it is possible to canoe into the cave.




After a coffee break we walked down to the cauldron and walked north. The sea was very calm and unusually there were a number of boats in the area including what looked like a navy warship.







Lunch was taken near Ciebwr Bay.



A decision was made to continue north along the coast and then turn inland following footpaths and bridleways back to Moylegrove.


Although we were now in December a blackberry bush clearly had its timing wrong as there was blossom and one green blackberry!


One thought on “Moylegrove

  1. Hello Bob – many thanks for commenting on my blog, and yes of course I remember you from the WCA days. I paddle seldom these days but retain many friends from those times and as I live in Pembrokeshire about half the year I get out on the sea bit.

    Ceibwr is one of my favourite sections of the coast – and a few years ago I saw a basking shark near there in January. There is also marvellous wild watercress which grows in the little stream there. I'll keep an eye on your blogs – though if I were you (code for tip from an old hand) I would amalgamate them onto one single 'Random' blog – you can transfer all the posts quite easily.


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