Kenfig Burrows

Mr & Mrs Navigator have now returned from warmer climes and the Sunday evening conversation informed me that Monday’s walk would be in the Kenfig Burrows area which would be new to us all.

We have all passed this area speeding by on the M4 near the Tata steel works at Port Talbot but today we would be exploring.


We parked up by the visitor centre hoping for some leaflets but although the toilets were opened the centre itself is only open at weekends.

 However the navigator had his plan and off we went.The area is well served by footpaths all signposted but read on!

View from the Centre

Our coffee break was had by Kenfig Castle or what remains of it.

Kenfig Castle

From here the signage disappeared as did the obvious paths. We managed to find our way through some scrubland and onto the burrows where we zig zagged  about doing our best to avoid wet feet.  Eventually we arrived on the beach where we had lunch.

The beach was empty apart from one walker in the far distance.  The smoke plume from the steel works clearly showed a lack of wind and with the sun shining it was a very pleasant rest stop with views over to Swansea Bay.

An empty beach

Looking towards Swansea Bay

Wonder how the wind turbines are doing!

Following lunch we set of along the beach away from the stell works and landed up at Sker Point and followed paths back to the car where we sat again in the sun to have our last coffee of the day.

An outdoor room

What’ around the corner?

Next time I travel the M4 I will be able to say “been there”.

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