Grisedale Tarn

It was looking like a wet last day and so it turned out towards the return.


However although the big tops were in cloud the walk up the valley was clear. We took the northern path gradually climbing past Ruthwaite Lodge, now a climbing hut and eventually to Grisdale Tarn where we stopped for lunch. Just below us 4 tents were parked near the tarn, they were in for a wet night.







Grisedale Tarn

We retraced our steps to the climbing hut and then took the southern path back to Patterdale. The forecast rain had now commenced in earnest and we were lucky to have missed most of it.

On our descent the “Navigator” shouted out “bikes” and with that two mountain bikers swooped past. We came across them a little later and they had cycled up to Helvellyn starting at Glenridding and presumably then up Sticks Pass to Raise, Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike, Dollywagon and down. Mad, mad but clearly enjoying the experience.




That’s the end of our “boys week”.

One thought on “Grisedale Tarn

  1. I've enjoyed that trip – all familiar territory to me bringing back all sorts of memories. Your pics are great, especially when “click to enlarge” employed – very rich colours – The Lakes at their best.


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