Ammanford to Brynamman.

Paul and I are gradually ticking off the various traffic free cycling routes in West Wales and today was the trail from Ammanford to Brynamman.

The route in fact starts at Pantyffynnon just up the road from the train station.  We however, joined it just outside Ammanford.  There is no route description in this blog as it is not fully shown on maps as yet.  However it is well sign posted and totally traffic free on a good tarmac trail, with frequent views of the Afon Amman.



If there was one grumble it is the way the council have installed gates which are either not convenient or just impossible to squeeze a bike through – the one at the back of Tescos is an example in point. I understand from Sustrans numerous complaints have been made.

However this did not spoil our enjoyment of the ride. There are quite a few interpretation panels along the route explaining the history as well as the Mabinogion stories connected with the area.






At the Brynamman end we left the trail and joined the road and peddled up the hill to the Black Mountain Centre where a welcome coffee and toasted teacake were had.

We cycled back and continued on to Pantyffynnon and in fact a bit further along a minor road  which led to a wobbly bridge, a ford.and to a railway line crossing where we stopped for lunch and then back to the car.


Overall about 18 miles of traffic free cycling.

2 thoughts on “Ammanford to Brynamman.

  1. Could you please give me more information about this route? Where exactly does it start? Very keen to try this, but I don't know the area well, so just up the road from station is still a bit blurry description for me if you understand what i mean 🙂 Thank you!


  2. The photos from this look amazing! Just can't wait to try it! Would it be doable with a child on the back of the bike? In a proper seat of course, but if there are gates that bike can't go through, it might be a bit tricky I guess…


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