Two Days on the Wye

I am hijacking my own blog site to describe two days open boating on the River Wye – I was carrying everything in the boat, so boat packing.

Canoeing was my main outlet for the outdoors for a long period but in the last 12 months or so it has taken a back seat, partly because my canoeing buddies have not been available and also because of the dodgy knee.

Route Wednesday

Route Thursday

Thankfully a phone call from Ray invited me onto a trip he was planning to celebrate his birthday.

Old but bold

The venue was to be the River Wye.  I was not able to join them for the first two days and joined them at Lucksall Camping site near Holme Lacy. This is a first class site with flat manicured grass, frankly too good for scruffy canoeists! The staff are friendly and the price is pocket friendly, more than can be said for some other sites.

\My abode

I rolled up just as the evening meal was being talked about and I was supplied with a tasty curry and rice. I only used one breakfast out of my meal plan for the whole period.

A new use was found for tabasco sauce when Cas was suffering from a back problem and the only hot solution was the sauce. It seemed to do the trick and was used on a number of occasions.

We had an early night and were up and about the next morning and on the river by 0900 after I was fed again by Ray,s team.

About to depart

A lot of pictures follow as we headed for Wilton just down stream from Ross on Wye.

Cas in the stern and Lisa in the bow

Ray trying my boat (he,s not good enough)

Typical downstream view

Hard work this canoeing lark

Welcome sight of Ross on Wye

Our overnight stop was the small site on the banks adjacent to the White Lion. Tents erected and a few cuppas sunk and then off to Ross for pie and chips!

Wilton at the White Lion

It was a lovely evening and I slept with the tent door open with views of the river.  No monsters entered during the night and I was up early enjoying the peace and a cup of coffee.  Today was Ray’s birthday and he kindly treated us to a full English in the pub.

0600 hrs all is peaceful

Morning brew

The trip today was to be a little shorter with our destination at Wyedean Camp site at Symonds Yat.

Although the day started well with sunshine it changed to rain by the time we reached our get out. During the paddle Cas and Lisa paddled Ray’s open boat and their skill levels visibly increased as the day wore on, selecting lines and mostly avoiding problem areas.

Cas and Lisa setting up line

This stretch of the river seemed to have a lot of notices telling us “No mooring, no trespassing, no camping” The sooner that Wales and England adopt the Scottish attitude to access the better.

At the Wyedean site we quickly emptied the boats and tents were soon up as the shelter was a welcome break from the rain.

Artistic boats – but noisy brutes to paddle

Fancy carving at Symonds Yat

Saracens Head

My food cache remained intact once again as cas had booked a meal in the Saracens Head to celebrate birthday boy. An excellent meal it was as well.
By the time we returned to the tents the rain had stopped but it came back during the night. On Friday morning I was up early and actually ate breakfast from my own store!
All that was left was to pack up, arrange the shuttle and head home.
Many thanks to Ray for arranging the trip and letting me keep most of my food.

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