Clyne Farm to Llanddarog

The dawn chorus is particularly noisy when one is only separated by a sheet of nylon and I was awake about 0530!

However I remained in my sleeping bag for another hour and was on the way back home by 0715.

There is a certain satisfaction to watch the workers hurrying to their offices etc. as I am up early for enjoyment – I did work for 41 years!


Colourful Millennium post but no information!

The forecast today was for mixed weather and strong winds – into which I would be cycling. The other slight difficulty was the majority of the return trip would be uphill, albeit not too steep.

I thought the Millennium Coast would be difficult but although there were squally showers and the forecast wind I made it to my coffee break.


As I approached Tumble there was a notice pinned to a gate telling about the sighting of an albino ferret. the writers thought it may have been an escaped pet.

The cycle route back to Carreg Hollt is reasonably sheltered from the wind, but when I turned west back to Llanddarog the wind was head on and slowed me right down.

The last hill to my village is one I can ride in normal circumstances but after a long cycle and the wind doing its best to push me backwards I dismounted and walked.

A great two days which hopefully will not be the last bikepacking trip, now where’s that map!

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