Broadhaven Circular (Pembrokeshire)

No more Billy Nomates as “The Navigator” was once more in charge and on Monday we set off for Broadhaven.


The recognized carpark was too expensive for us pensioners and so we parked on the public road a bit further along.  Judging by the empty car park we were not the only ones to jib at the cost.
We took the path adjacent to the Youth Hostel which led us through Haroldston Woods which had a good display of spring flowers.

We came across a farmyard where clearly the three bears each had a tractor.

The next area worth noting was that of Silver Green woods which led us to the Rosemoor Nature Reserve near Walwyns Castle.

There is a large lake with a number of benches with carvings of wild life to sit and enjoy the sites. The entertainment was supplied by two Canada geese where one would call and the other answer, both wanting the last word!

There is a permissive path at Woodlands which again gives a pleasant descent to Little Haven.

From here we walked back into Broadhaven but not before noticing that the National Park had incorrectly placed two information boards at the wrong ends of the village.  Do not believe the arrow which states “You are here” because you are not. This will hopefully be rectified before the main tourist season to avoid puzzled visitors.

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