Llanddarog to Nantgaredig and back


I was Billy No Mates on Monday so decided on a short bike ride as shown on the above link.

Although an obvious observation the easy ride DOWN to the Afon Tywi meant a long climb BACK UP. However with the help of the granny gear I made it all the way without dismounting.  The route link shows the dip.

Downstream from Nantgaredig Bridge


Upstream from Nantgaredig Bridge


I spy a useful means of transport.

The return journey was via the bike route passing close to the Botanic Gardens.

Hopefully the weather will start to improve so that I can have an overnight on a bike ride to the Gower.

2 thoughts on “Llanddarog to Nantgaredig and back

  1. I notice on your last post the high camp site cost. If you are going to camp fairly often it is worth joining the Camping and Caravan Club, NOT The Caravan Club. The former's prices for backpackers on their main sites is around £6.00 and they also have hundreds of small “cerificated” sites geared up for single backpackers or cyclists, and a good hand book based on OS sheet numbers and grid eferences.


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