Millenium Coast Path – Carmarthenshire

On Wednesday I was scheduled to take my grandson to school and as they live near the Coast Path and the weather forecast was favourable I took the opportunity to take along my bike.


I parked at the Wetlands Centre and set off eastwards as I wanted to check out the camping site further along the Coast Path for a possible overnight bike trip.  It is ideal and the site looks nice and flat with all the services one would want, however I was told a single tent would cost £14.00 per night.  I don’t think so and plan B will need to be considered.



I continued eastwards to the end of the trail and cycled into Bynea and Llwynhendy and back onto the coast path at the Wetlands. The day was too good to finish so early and I continued on to North Dock stopping on the way for a brew.

The path runs close to Machynys Golf Club and it struck my odd mind that if your hobbies were cycling and golf the fashion police would have a field day!

Following a short break at North Dock I cycled back to the car at the Wetland Centre

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