Preseli through the Back Door

“The Navigator” suggested a sneaky way up onto Mynydd Preseli from the north.


We parked the car not far from the hamlet of Penygroes – parking is not easy in this area.

Towards Carn Goedog

Our route took us south west onto a permitted path, marked orange on the map. although as this is now open access presumably it no longer applies. The whole area of the Preseli can be very wet underfoot but with all the dry, cold weather we have had lately it was remarkably firm.

The morning coffee break was had by Carn Goedog and we then continued along the path and up onto the ridge between Carn Bica and Bedd Arthur and into the easterly wind. We met a party of 20 walkers who were on a break from Plymouth.

Bedd Arthur

The map shows lots of outcrops and it is fun to clamber over them with hand on rock.

Lightweight walkers only!
I daren’t add a caption

Short term memory loss now as I believe we had lunch by Carn Ddafad – las (no doubt “The Navigator” will advise!)

Our next objective was the top of Foeldrygarn and an early afternoon break.  Mrs Navigator took a tumble here when the loop at the back of her boot caught in the lace up rings in the other foot – very graceful fall, but could have been more serious.  needless to say the loops have now been cut off.

Sleeping Dragon

A direct route north took us along green lanes back to the hamlet of Penygroes and our car.

The weather started off a bit grey but brightened up throughout the day.

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