Solva – Pembrokeshire


The Navigator and his better half were back from their holiday, apparently in Austria and not as previously reported, Switzerland.  An easy error to make.
Despite the continuing freezing weather it was decided to man up and head west for the Pembrokeshire coastal village of Solva. This is my favourite coastal village having spent a number of family holidays here and which sparked my interest in kayaking and then open boating.
On the way to Solva there is another sight which lives the spirits and that is the sudden view of the coast above Newgale beach and the coast looking west.
We parked in Solva Harbour, which although free today, now charges for parking in the summer (possibly at Easter and other Bank Holidays).

We headed uphill towards the church at Whitchurch and then onto the old airfield and around the edge to join a minor road where we turned west and down a footpath to Trevinert.  The walk down the valley started well but muddy in places and an awkward stream crossing.

Y Gorsedd
Posh Shed
At Caer Bwdy Bay we turned east and walked back to Solva following the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Caer Bwdy
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The day stayed cold with the occasional but brief bursts of welcome sunshine.

One thought on “Solva – Pembrokeshire

  1. I can't help relating my walk round your boundary with your walks when they coincide. I remember pretty Solva, and in particular on the way out up the hill where I called at the post office for some sustenance and was given a very friendly welcome and chat before continuing on to Whitesands Bay.


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