Capel Gwynfe & Black Mountain

With the weather forecast showing yellow suns all day, it was a foregone conclusion that we would be having a day out. The Navigator had decided on a walk partially based on one described in Alan Richards excellent guide book volume 2 of Great Walks in Carmarthenshire. This one was to start at Capel Gwynfe and take in part of the far western end of the Black Mountain and finish back in Capel Gwynfe.

Today we had a new member to our weekly party.  Chris, who is gradually winding down to retirement and is enjoying a four day week and I am told, trying to reduce this even further.


Capel Gwynfe is a small hamlet but has its own Information Office, albeit on the small side!

The weather was fine but there was a chill in the air. The route was downhill for the first hour, always a bad sign as you just know there will be a stiff climb to come.  We could already see that climb.

Elevenses was had  near the ford just after the farm, Neuadd Fach.

We now started on the climb which in due course led us, somewhat wind blown to Cefn y Cylchau, where hidden behind a convenient rock we had lunch.

Heading downhill we came to the Afon Clydach and we were able to easily cross this just upstream of the waterfalls and then made for the large disused quarries.

From there we continued downhill on a graded path which leads to the hairpin to the hairpin and minor road which will take you back to Capel Gwynfe.  However we struck off north from Clogau Bach using paths and bridle ways leading to a converted school just short of the car.

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