Castlemartin – Pembs


It had been some time since we had visited the coast and the Navigator had phoned the Castlemartin Range to find that there would be no firing for a few weeks and the path was open from Bosherton to the car park near Elugug Rocks.
Mrs Navigator was visiting the fleshpots of London and just the two of us parked up at The National Trust Car Park on the coast just south of Bosherton Village.
The weather was clear and sunny, probably the best day of the week. There was a good swell running and the waves were crashing into the cliffs.  Despite walking this coast on numerous occasions it never fails to impress.
We looked down on St Govans Chapel from the cliffs above and then on to pass Huntsman leap, a deep cleft in the cliff with the sea boiling below.
Elevenes was taken near to the radar station at The Castle Fort. It wasn’t long before we were walking in shirt sleeves!
Bullslaughter Bay was passed and then on to the impressive Elugug Sea Stacks and the Green bridge of Wales. The latter is not green and is not a bridge but a large sea arch.
After lunch the temperature dropped and we walked back in a more direct route along the main shared path (bikes, walk and bridleway).
The only walker we met happened to be a colleague we had not seen for some time.

One thought on “Castlemartin – Pembs

  1. Wow! I had to walk inland because the firing range was operational. It looks like I missed one of the best parts of the coastal path. I stayed at the pub in Bosherton which was excellent, and had a firework display from my bedroom window as the military pursued their activities up until midnight.


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