Last weekend we travelled to Chester to visit my son and my brother in law (Andy) and family.
The plan was to have a walk or cycle ride with Andy on the Saturday depending on the weather.  Both sets of kit were taken with the bike fitting in the car.
My son lives in a terraced house in Hoole where cars were non existent when the homes were built. In 2012 parking is a nightmare!  We found a place two streets away and carried our clothes etc to our son’s.
Later on that evening I did manage to move the car nearer.  The following morning I reloaded the car with my walking kit but found to my horror there was only one boot in the car!  Now I knew I had packed them both, could it be I knocked one on the floor when we carried our other stuff the previous night.  I ran around to the street where we had originally parked and there it was lying in the street, soaking wet but safe!
I met up with Andy and we decided to head for Llangollen and walk the limestone escarpment north of the town.
We parked up in Trefor and set off firstly on the Offa Dyke’s Path, through woodlands and then headed up onto the escarpment.  With fine weather the views into the Dee Valley were impressive. I left without my camera so the pictures were taken on my mobile phone with lesser quality.
We walked as far as we thought would allow for a return before dark.
A good day.

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