This was another day to catch the autumn colours and a walk in Llandeilo area to include Tregeyb Woods and the trees within the Dinefwr estate was deemed worthwhile.


We found a free parking site adjacent to the Llandeilo firestation and walked through Pen Lan-fawr.  This small park has a fine bandstand and contains the large trees which can be seen as you approach Llandeilo Town.

From there we walked into the town and across the Afon Tywi via the shaky footbridge.

We walked south east next to the river courtesy of a permissive path which leads to the minor road to Fairfach. Our route took us into the new plantation which celebrates the battle of Trafalgar and just by a carved otter we had early elevenses.

Now the squelchy bit started through the Woodlands Trust, Tregeyb Wood.

In places there is a welcome boardwalk but with strange gaps in between. There were still lots of fungi about with examples of candle snuff, sulphur tufts, beech polypores, turkey tails, earth balls and “others”.

At another minor road we headed back towards Fairfach.

At the cross roads we headed north to cross the impressive stone road bridge, again crossing the Afon Tywi.

An interpretation board tells us that there were a number of bridges built in this vicinity.  History also shows that lessons have still not be learned when estimates are compared to actual costs!

Immediately after the bridge we turned down a path which leads past the now abandoned church of  Llandyfeisant (click) and near here we stopped for lunch.

The unforecast rain now began!.  Still by the time I put on all the gear it stopped, typical.

We were now in the Dinefwr Park and headed for the castle which is free to enter and gave good views of the surrounding countryside and of the colourful trees.

 More rain fell but again short lived. We then headed downhill towards Newton House and through the parkland back to the car.

We came across the following road sign which struck a note!

2 thoughts on “Llandeilo

  1. You are making the best of Autumn.

    I have a folder called “Signs” where I collect pics of bizarre and interesting signs. I hope you don't mind, but I've pinched a copy of your tortoise sign. If I use it in any wider context I promise to give you credit. Normally I restrict additions to pics I have taken myself, but I couldn't resist this one.


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