Day 5 – Dodd

Wednesday was planned to be a “rest day” with a visit to Cotswold Outdoors to buy a new pair of boots with my accumulated vouchers given as presents.  A short walk would also be tackled.

The weather first thing, again, was not inviting for high level walks and so we stuck (partly) to our plan.
There was no lingering in the ‘gear” shops and once in Cotswold’s I went straight to the boot section and came out with a pair of Meindls.
The Navigator had selected for our “short” walk the hill known as Dodd.  In Wainrights day this was apparently covered in conifers, but now the top at least is clear.
The route according to the Navigator’s OS map shows we should follow part of the Allerdale Ramble, but on my later map the wording has disappeared (unlike the Cumbria Way) and the public right of way is now away from the river from How Farm to High Stock bridge.
Our route
It was another squelchy walk  to High Stock Bridge. We joined the A591 and had lunch just west of the junction to Millbeck.  It was now raining again and I am sure those passing in their cars were sympathetic to our plight  but in reality probably saying “daft b—–s”

Following lunch we headed on the permissive path which takes you off the road to where the map shows P and picnic area.  This was our way up.  And up it went continually to the very top. Nothing hard but no flat bits!

The views from the top of this 502 meter hill belies  its moderate height and if the big hills are cloud bound I would suggest this one.  Once again the Navigator reeled off the names of all the fells we could see, I took no notes.

Now if you make a plan, stick to it!  Ours was to descend Dodd to the south east and come out somewhere near Millbeck.  However we were tempted by a likely looking path with good views and good underfoot.  Alas and alack it took us back to the P and picnic area. Dusk was not far away now so we loped back along the A591 and turned off for Millbeck and Applethwaite and then onto footpaths back to Keswick.
For a short walk this I think was our longest!


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