Day 4 Newlands Valley


The weather had changed today and it was pouring down with little hope of walking on any high fells today. The morning was spent reading and regular visits to the windows!
By lunchtime there was some improvement and after an early lunch we donned the kit and set foot outdoors. The loose plan was to stay low  and follow the paths into the  Newlands Valley (click for info)
Route (Click)
Just below our cottage at Keskadale Farm we squelched along a path towards the lane which leads to Low High Snab.
We however we headed down the lane towards the wood and then south east past Low House Farm and under Scope End where the waste from gold and other minerals were mined. (click on link above)
 Crossing the footbridge we took the footpath towards Little Town – aptly named!.  Just near here we were asked by a couple, who did not seem kitted out for a walk in the hills, if the path they were on would lead to Cat Bells.  Reluctantly we pointed them in the right direction.  I only hope the lady’s handbag contained all they would need!
Our route was to Skelgill, past the private hostel and the road back to Little Town. From here we took the lane which went past the lovely Newlands  Church (Click) and then on back to Keskadale  via Gill brow.

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