We have been having some crazy weather in the last week, but all has not been lost.
Bank Holiday Sunday the sun shone and we had a family day on the beach at Llansteffan.  It then poured down on Bank Holiday Monday. We had another family day in Brecon on Tuesday with the ladies shopping and the chaps canoeing, including my grandson’s first trip in a canoe. Wednesday biblical rain!
So here we are on Thursday with a dry day and one for the bike.
I decided to pedal from my home and take in some of the lanes lying south and west.
You will see from the route (click) that there was a lot of need of the granny gear but it’s all good practice!
I had two interesting bird experiences; the first with a blue tit flying alongside me for a few seconds and then a buzzard which flew directly in front of me for a short time.
On the return leg I came across a short section of flooded road but with feet up, managed to get through unscathed.
The trip was about 12 miles


  1. I have noticed that bike riding is more conducive to communing with nature than walking because you approach more silently, but I have not experienced those close encounters with birds on the bike. I have had birds fly out from a ledge close by when rock climbing – this can be extremely off-putting.

    I went out on my bike today for the first time and did about five miles on the flat, but with quite an aggressive wind on the way back. The knee is still not comfortable by a long way, but I reckon this is progress.


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