Whilst Andy was having his car fixed we went for a cycle ride from Tumble to North Dock, Llanelli and back.
No photos as again as I  forgot my camera.  However I was given a gift of a new phone later that day and it has an inbuilt camera so providing I remember the phone there should be pictures in future!
This was the first time I had cycled the whole of the Tumble cycle way and with the extension to North Dock AND back! We met a fair number of other cyclists, walkers and joggers.
We had a quick look around the Discovery centre which includes a bike shop with some fancy machines and some dodgy lycra apparel. Lunch was had overlooking Sandy Water Park where the caldera cone came in useful again.
The new bike performed well but it has wider handlebars than the borrowed bike I had been using and will not go straight through the special  gates to restrict motor bikes and I had to wiggle it through.
We reached my car just in time to miss the rain.



  1. Just read these last two together. Memories of my hilarious encounters in the pub at Newgale came back to me.

    What is the new bike? What about updating the heading photo on this blog?


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