I could have titled this to include “domestique” but I value my life!



Anyway today’s ride was suggested by my better half and the bikes were quickly loaded and we headed off to the Tumble to Llanelli bike trail.  There was no plan to reach Llanelli!

This is a well used track, not only by bikes, but runners and walkers, all happy to say “bore da”.

The last time I came here an energy firm were erecting a solar panel farm.  Today all the panels were in place.  I hope they have come up with a way to change rain to power as the last few weeks have been wet to say the least.

We had a stop to admire the view over Pontyberem and not long after turned back to the car.

On route just in front of my face was a bright green caterpillar descending on a invisible thread from a tree branch.  We stopped and took some photos.  He/she clearly realised its mistake and started to reclimb towards the tree. I hope it made it back to safety.

Back at the car I decided to let Mrs Bob drive back and I would cycle home. It was a free wheel from Tumble to Drefach and then flatish to Porthyrhyd.

Here the hill up to my village in Llanddarog is one for the granny gear but somewhat pleased with myself I made it.


One thought on “MY NEW LEAD OUT RIDER

  1. It seems you follow Le Tour. I watched it today flicking to the British GP when the adverts came on. It seemed a bit of a dull day at first but developed into an exciting finish. Once you grasp what is going on it is a great spectator sport, and now even more so with the British interest. Long live les domestiques!


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