With a month of poor weather and cabin fever not far away, not to mention the dodgy knee I was keen just to get out the house.

I telephoned my mate Chris for a chat and he mentioned that he was going for a short walk this afternoon to look at the ruins of the Pilgrims Rest at Llandeilo Abercowyn. I pleaded to go with him and  he agreed!

Route http://www.ukhillwalking.com/logbook/e.php?d=20120629&u=129274

We parked the car near  Cwm Celyn farm and started to walk towards the farm.  The owner who was playing with his JCB said that his son had found a body that morning and the police were in attendance and may not let us through the land.  However we carried on through the farm and onto the footpath through the small copse and onto the Pilgrims Rest and the ruins of St Teilo Church.  The owner was very helpful and showed where the chapel was and gave some background to the Pilgrim’s Rest.  The chapel was somewhat overgrown but the farmer hoped to take a strimmer to the growth soon.

The map shows the path going through the farm and then north along the Cowyn.  However there is now a short detour which leads east along the road and within a small distance a footpath sign puts you back on route.  I have to say this area is poorly sign posted especially as it now forms part of the Wales Coast Path, not to mention the ground was very muddy and full of holes made by cattle – but this is West Wales.

We turned right at the road at Pont Ddu and after about a half a mile at the T junction headed along the well signposted path into the woods.  Just past Gelli we turned south down the lanes back to the car just in time to miss the rain.

A 5.5 mile walk which gave me no knee problems and helped to blow away the cobwebs.

No pictures I am afraid.

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