Welsh Coastal Path – Clean Up at Llansteffan

With a week to go before the official opening of the All Wales Coast Path various clean ups are taking place.

During the last mile of my previous walk my knee decided to call a halt to future walks!  Although a scan in October last had shown a tear in a ligament it had not caused any problems  until the Thursday before Easter when on the Bronwydd walk.  A long story short is that I am now on a waiting list for an Arthroscopy operation.  I really hope that will cure the problem.

Anyway with cabin fever making an appearance I thought a short stroll on the beach at Llansteffan would  be fine both for me and the beach.

Despite the rain pouring down a few hardy souls were given the kit and off we set to pick up litter.

 It was pleasing to see that although this is a popular beach there was not a huge amount of rubbish to collect.

Not sure why amongst my collection were two pair of underpants and a solo flip flop, but no doubt there is a story attached.  I also found one of those instant Bar B Q foil things and why do people just leave burnt out pieces of wood when they light fires.  LEAVE NO TRACE.

If you are walking in this area then a slight detour to visit the castle is worthwhile which has good views over the Tywi estuary towards Ferryside.

In the main seasons I can recommend the fish and chips sold at Florries located in the car park and the tea and cakes in the cafe just a few yards away.

Thankfully the knee behaved quite well with only one “ouch” when I stepped awkwardly on the bank.

Unfortunately these random notes may become even more random for a few months.

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