For our annual February “boys week” the destination chosen was The Black Mountains.  We were to be based in a cottage just outside of Abergavenny.  Terry who is the navigator in chief had selected suitable routes and my part of the bargain was to cook the food.

The weather forecaster was hedging his bets generally describing the forthcoming week as a battlefield between a warm front meeting a cold front with the fight happening near Abergavenny but snow was definitely on the cards. Microspikes were high on the packing list.

Daily blogs will follow.

Preseli Mountains in the Snow

With my two other walking friends back from the heat of Madeira we set off to walk in the snow on the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire. No shirt sleeve walking today!

The weather was perfect, blue skies with little wind but very cold.  As we drove towards the hills we could see that they had a good covering of snow.

We parked the car  on the road near the foot of Foeldrygarn and took the direct route up towards the trig point.

 Halfway up we all put on our Microspikes and immediately felt the benefit of these low level crampons as the path was quite slippery.  From the top the views were white in all directions with blue skies up above.

We had our mid morning break near Carn Ferched and then headed in the general direction of Carn Bica.

The problem with snow cover you are never too sure what is underneath and we all on occasion sunk up to our knees.

From Carn Bica, which was our lunch stop we could see two para-gliders in the distance who I assume launched from Foel Cwmcerwyn.  Although it was a perfect day for winter hill walking we saw few other walkers.

Following lunch we turned for home passing the stone circle of Bedd Arthur and stuck to the main path which follows alongside of the  forestry and the fence line which leads you back to the road. I did take a small diversion to clamber up one of the outcrops and had to put on the Microspikes to descend without which it would have been interesting to say the least.

A fine winters day walk and thumbs up to the Microspikes.  One mistake was to forget the gaiters as these would have stopped the deep snow from entering the top of our boots and soaking our socks!